Botox treatment

Botox treatment

There are more than 7 million botox treatment procedures annually in the United States of America. Why?

It is fast, spectacular and safe, and in some cases (for example around the eyes) there is no alternate option for therapy. What can you expect from botox treatment? With appropriate anatomical knowledge and experience the small wrinkles that cause aesthetic complaints can be eliminated completely. How long does the botox last? Experience says that the effect can last for up to 4-6 months.

What materials can be used in Hungary for aesthetic purposes? Distributed by Allergan
Vistabel and Dysport, marketed by Ipsen can be used solely on the area between the eyebrows called the glabella. Is it important which type of botox you choose? Why? The material used during the treatment is based on botulinum toxin in nearly all of the cases.

What is the difference between materials, and the safety of the treatment? The botulinum molecule is connected to protein molecules, and if the size is chosen correctly it will not travel or migrate and cause paralysis in other muscle groups.

Some of the Botox material is not registered in Hungary and do not comply with regulations. Of course, these materials will be cheaper than legally available botox. Knowing this, there is no more need to explain why there is a significant difference between botox treatments.