Facial Plastic Surgery


When looking at a young face we can observe the skin’s elasticity, the harmony caused by the cushions of fat covering the bony skeleton.

As we age, the amount of fat and skin elasticity decreases, the skin sags to the jawbone, wrinkles can develop around the mouth.

Facial Plastic Surgery

We can choose the most optimal and least straining procedures for the patient, based on the deviation.

If we detect isolated fat shortage, we can correct it by refills, using the patient’s own fat. This procedure can be utilized during facial surgeries, or we can also choose injection of filling materials for certain areas. Nowadays they are becoming rarer, but the surgery can transpire with insertion of implants. In case of significant excess skin, its removal becomes necessary as well, this is done by an incision behind the ears at the hairline’s border. In unique cases, a special, individually tailored tracing may be used. The surgical scar’s size is always influenced by the excess, for example, with moderate amounts of excess, a so-called short scar can be utilized.

with this incision, we also perform the tightening of the neck’s skin, but both procedures can happen on their own. It is very important, if necessary /most of the time it is/ to also tighten the lower layers, to create a longer lasting, aesthetically more pleasing result.
a temporal swelling of the face may occur, just as partial loss of sense in the skin. The scars heal exceptionally quickly, with men /due to stronger body hair/ scar problems are more common. Removal of stitches after 7-10 days. In younger ages or in case of a double chin accompanying tight skin, the area involved must be subjected to liposuction. Following this, a fixing bandage could be required for 2-3 weeks.

Botox treatment

Botox has been used by ophthalmologists and neurologists for decades.

They bound the substance to larger proteins thus making it safe for aesthetic use as well. It is especially suited for treatment of wrinkles around the eyes and on the forehead.

with a short, almost completely painless medical procedure! Have you ever heard of botox parties? In the US, the concept of getting more beautiful is associated with a good time, as the popular saying goes: two in one! This is a substance that periodically stops contraction of a stabilized muscle, combined with larger proteins for aesthetical safety, the procedure’s side effects have been circumvented.
and with a precise dosage it only affects the desired area. Beside its aesthetic results, it has shown a positive effect on migraines as well. After the treatment, a significant number of migraine patients reported a decline in the torturous headaches.
is a good choice for crow’s feet that don’t require a more substantial intervention or for patients, who dislike surgical procedures, but still desire enhancement of their beauty. Of course, for both male and female patients. The most common problem is the deep crease that appears between the eyebrows, making the formerly friendly face a serious one. The filling in itself does not usually bring the desired outcome, in these cases and initial Botox treatment followed by filling a 100% outcome can be achieved in a substantial number of cases. In our opinion, the treatment is excellent at treating wrinkles around the eye and on the forehead and excessive sweating in the armpits or the hands.
Only the legally licensed, for aesthetic purposes applicable Botox is safe to use! The effect lasts, based on the dosage, for three to six months, after this period repeated treatments can be recommended. This treatment is a common one at our clinic, the small lump after insertion goes away in half an hour, we haven’t experienced complications so far. After treatment it is advised to avoid resting in a horizontal position for six hours, face massages for one week! After the treatment, 2-6 days are needed for the full effect, following this control examinations are advised for the occasional small corrections, but these are very rarely necessary.

Nose surgery

Indicated in cases of disfiguration caused by genetics or injury. The deformation may only affect the tip of the nose or the entirety of the nose, the indication depends on the severity. 

In most cases, surgery is performed because of the kyphosis of the nasal ridge, after its removal, the nose is usually also made more slender. This treatment can be combined with lifting of the nasal tip or with the reduction of its size.

we perform nasal surgery more and more with the patient under anesthesia, which makes it a much gentler process for the patient. After correction of the bony part we place a cast for one week, the nasal packing is removed usually the day after the surgery.

Eyelid surgery (upper)

The most common surgical treatment for both male and female patients is the upper eyelid surgery. Your eyes are tired by evening? You are unable to do your make-up? Your upper eyelid hangs on your lash line, your visage is tired, your field of vision is getting tighter?

With a brief, quick operation, we free you of these complaints within an hour. Most surgeries are done with local anesthesia after marking performed in a vertical position, but of course partial and complete narcosis is also available. According to the face structure, in many cases, the inward folding fat is also removed from the corner of the eye.

to choose, based on examinations, a tailor-made surgery specific to the patient! If the distance between the eyebrows and the lash line is not big enough, and the main problem is the sagging of the eyebrow, then the first step is to lift the eyelid, either directly or through endoscopic lifting of the forehead.
is performed on the crease of the upper eyelid, and after removing the surplus material, the sides are sutured with threads that are thinner than hair by 5-10 times, thus guaranteeing that the scar is almost always invisible. This is one of the procedures with the most beautiful results!
forego the makeup and avoid the use creams and body lotions.

Eyelid surgery (lower)

Can be separated into several pieces: the so called “baggy eyes” that develop during younger years, presumably due to genetics; the solution is in most cases a surgery through the conjunctiva, without incision, this procedure involves the removal of the excess fat that causes the contour difference.

If crow’s feet appear without excess skin, then botox is the best choice. With deep set, “sunken” eyes, filling with the individual’s own fat tissue or tender natural material can be recommended. In case of excess skin, wrinkles, “bags” a complex procedure is the correct choice.

an incision is made directly under the lash line, and after exposing the muscles and fat tissues around the eyes, while keeping the subsequent fat reduction in mind and keeping the apparent surplus in reserve, we can achieve the most beautiful result by tightening the muscle and, if necessary by fixing the corner of the eye.
Scar tissue disorders, connective tissue diseases can cause the scab to shrink which may draw the lower line away from the eye! This can be brought on by excessive removal of skin, which can be avoided by auxiliary movements performed by the patient during surgery with local anesthesia. Of course, the surgery can be also performed in narcosis, this requires a thorough examination beforehand. The stitch will be hidden with threads as described in the upper eyelid section.
the area of the procedure is fastened with a special bandage to avoid unwanted edema or swelling, which in some cases, sadly still persists after a few weeks. We treat this with various medicinal, homeopathic local treatments. Physical exertion should be avoided for three weeks, and intense sunlight for three months, to prevent abnormal pigmentation.

Eyelid surgery (upper-lower)

Eyelid surgeries: “Eyes are the windows to the soul. One of the most common plastic surgery procedures is the correction of the upper eyelid.

If by evening you feel tired, your upper eyelid hangs on the lash line and it even causes discomfort, it is worthwhile to consider the thought of eyelid surgery. People are different, some are confronted with this problem at an early age, and this problem can stem from constitution or qualities passed down in the family line. Of course, with the passage of time more patients may experience sagging of their upper eyelids. Before surgery, a thorough examination is essential, out of consideration for the importance of distance between the lash line and the eyebrows, and also to determine the cause of the sagging itself. If the symptoms are caused by the sagging of the eyebrows, then the first step in every case must be a lifting of the eyebrows or the whole frontal region. If the sagging of the eyelid is actually the problem, then the surgical indication is obvious.

Based on our experiences, following a careful marking, the surgery can take place either with local anesthesia or narcosis and does not cause any significant stress to the patient. In our opinion the approximately 40-60 minutes long procedure is recommended with local anesthesia, does not cause significant absence in the workplace and the surgical area is barely visible to the outside world if covered by sunglasses and a minimal amount of bandage. Resting for a few days and the use of ice following the surgery shortens the healing process, which takes only 5-7 days anyways, this is the time required for suture removal. In many cases, the swelling in the corner of the eye is caused by the bulging of the fat around the eye, this needs to be solved as well. The scab is a thin line, in the crease of the eye, that disappears after a few months and is not bothersome after the removal of the sutures. It is advisable to avoid direct sunbathing for three months, to prevent the occasional increased pigmentation.
According to our results, a surgery performed with proper technique gives joy to the patients that lasts for many years, the tired visage disappears, women can once again painting their eyelids, thus making the process of applying makeup complete, their faces open up, which makes it easier to establish contact with someone.
The lower eyelid’s aesthetic deviations can be sorted into several parts. The skin loses some elasticity, thus crow’s feet appear, the eye’s lower line sags. Another problem is the so called “baggy eyes”, which is most commonly caused by the bulging of the fat tissue around the eye. The third one is the appearance of dark circles under the eyes, which gives them a tired, deep-set look.
that swellings around and under the eye are often caused by edema, which can occur because of one’s own constitution, but also because of some other illness, for example kidney problems. In these cases, specialized examinations are recommended, and surgery can only take place after these.
The most common problem for young people is the appearance of baggy eyes in absence of significant amounts of excess skin, instead, it is caused by the bulging of fat tissue. In these cases, we can perform the procedure at the inner lien without incision, and we can remove the excess. Following the surgery, a thin bandage is recommended for 1-2 weeks, to achieve the best results. It is important to note that removing too much of the fatty tissue around the eyes may lead to complications in later ages, thus, we must strive during the procedure, to leave an appropriate amount of fat. In the case of dark circles under the eyes, the lower, deep line can be filled with either a very tender hyaluronic acid containing filling material, one’s own fat or the with redistributed fat acquired during eyelid surgery. Swelling is a common post-surgery problem that can persist for several weeks, but the healing process can be accelerated with edema therapy, a taller pillow for sleeping, or cooling of the surgery area. In the case of excess or saggy skin, an incision is made 1-2 millimeters below the lash line and remove the wrinkle-causing, post-release skin. If the procedure is done with local anesthesia, the patient can help with auxiliary movements, like opening the eyes and the mouth, to remove the maximal amount of excess skin. Of course, the surgery can also be performed in narcosis, in this case the pre-surgery examinations and markings are extremely important. The eye muscles tone must be examined in every case, because if it presents flaccidity, the outer eye corner must be fixed as well, thus preventing ectropion. Recently, the demand for correction of the entire midface, which can be performed together with the lower eyelid surgery. Wonderful results can be gained by releasing the extraocular muscles on the lower line and by mobilizing and tightening the lower tissues.
Based on one’s constitution, healing can take one or more weeks, but it can be quickened by bandaging, avoiding physical strain, icing and exercising of the surgery area.

Ear surgery

Indication can be the so-called prominent ears or ears that did not form proper creases during development.

The surgery is usually performed with local anesthesia, from behind the ears so that no scars will be visible in the front. Following a moon-shaped excision of the cartilage, if necessary, the upper crease of the ear will be also created. A turban bandage will be placed upon the head for one week.