About us

OUR BEAUTY CLINIC has a history of 26 years, operating in the same location in the center of Budapest, managed by the same staff for the past 15 years. Apart from plastic surgery we offer one day surgical procedures, too.

WE CONTINUALLY participate in international and national conferences, where we also share our knowledge and experience by giving lectures. Our patients are always in focus, we give assistance through the process of deciding on the best surgical plan and choosing the most suitable treatment with detailed consultation.

IN OUR SINGLE LIGHT THERAPY ROOMS we have installed memory foam, adjustable beds to maximise comfort. Our highly educated staff provides assistance during the post-surgery recovery period.

OUR OPERATING ROOM is equipped with the most up-to-date instruments, from Microair Liposuction instrument to modern cauterisation equipment to mitigate bleeding. We provide additional treatment with our Bemer therapy, which we use to fasten the healing process. We use single use sterile sets and the highest quality suture thread in our well-equipped operating rooms. We offer Botox treatment, filling treatments and post-surgical check-ups in our polyclinic.

IN THE FISRST 24 HOURS after the surgery our team observes and answers the patient’s needs at all times. Professionals responsible for anesthesia perform their task at the highest level, monitoring during and after anesthesia, analgesia. After a preliminary discussion, the patients are offered customized treatment, and any necessary preparatory treatment. Thanks to the above, hundreds of satisfied patients have left our institute over the past 15 years.

Dr. Tamás Rozsos


1984 University of Pécs, Scholarship of the People’s Republic
1986 Palermo Surgical Clinic
1987-89 Medical University of Pécs, Obstetrics and Gynecology clinical doctor
1989-2000 Semmelweis Medical University Department of Surgery-St. John's Hospital Surgery Department
1991 Surgical Professional Examination
1995 Giessen Surgical Clinic
2000 - 2002 MHKHK department of Plastic Surgery
2003 - 2005 MHKHK department of Plastic Surgery Adjunct
2005 - 2006 Telki Hospital, Senior Surgeon of Plastic Surgery
2005 - Best of You R.T. Plastic Surgery Clinic, co-owner and Medical Director

Qualified courses:

Possibilities of facial and breast plastic surgical procedures, and the usage of fillers, Botox.


Member of the Hungarian Surgical Society and Hungarian Plastic and Reconstructive Procedures Society

More than 50 scientific lectures in

English or in Hungarian
1993 IGSC Congress in Bangkok
1994 London Royal Festival Hall
1996 Bruxelles World Congress of Surgery
1996 Bruxelles World Congress of Surgery
1997 Rome Congress of Breast Surgery
2001 Surgical sewing techniques, Budapest, Course leader
2003 WSBH Congress Budapest
2003 MPHST Congress Nyíregyháza
2004 MST Congress Pécs
2005 Paris SFCE Congress
2006 MPHST Congress Galyatető
2006 Aesthetic Advanced Course Face Paris
2007 MPHST Congress Siófok
2007 European Masters in Aesthetic and Ati-Aging Medicine Paris
2009 Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress Monaco
2009 Novel Techniques with Vistabel and Juvederm in Facial Aesthetic Advanced Training Level II Madrid
2012 Expert mentoring Masterclass – Facial Aesthetics Prague
2015 Centre of Excellence: Aesthetic Breast Surgery Athens
2016 Central Eastern European Plastic Surgery Symposium Dubrovnik
2016 4th World Plastic Surgery Congress in Monaco
2016 1st German Brazilian Aesthetic Meeting Munchen
2016 Introduction to MD Codes Praga
2016 4th World Plastic Surgery Congress in Monaco