Since the 1980s, erotic movies and the needs of beauty, the shape and aesthetic expectations of the female genitalia gained prominence. In addition, psychological research confirms that the so-called “beautiful genitalia” contributes to physical and mental satisfaction.

Labia minora surgery

A common problem is the inflection and pain of the labia minora, which can also be the cause of painful intercourse.

Enlarged labia often provide the indication for surgery, despite the fact that due to inhibition patients find it difficult to ask for help.

1. The so-called “trimmer” surgery in which the labia minora gets trimmed parallel to the inlet of the vagina and the edges of the wound are joined. Advantage: fast, easy. Disadvantage: long, pigmented scar, tenderness, sensitivity for mild vaginal infection, dilation may be made more difficult during natural childbirth.
2. V or “wedge” technique, during which the excess skin is cut out in the shape of a V. There is practically no disadvantage. Advantage: restoration of normal anatomical conditions, small transverse scar, rare sensory disturbance.
3. Technique Z is very similar to the second technique, the same benefits apply as the V technique for extremely large lips.

General lab, starting a Betadine solution wash a few days before the operation.
under general anesthesia, local anesthesia while sedated or only local anesthesia.
3-7 days of rest is recommended, treating the area with ice, it is advised to avoid physical work and vaginal intercourse.

Labia majora surgery

Atrophia, a significant reduction of fat that causes contours to fall.

The volume can be restored, mostly with the patient’s fat, or rarely with filler. Rarely, we also do partial excavation of the affected area.

Advantage: restoration of normal contours, beautiful aesthetic appearance, the scars heal wonderfully.

Disadvantage: due to absorption the amount of fat is reduced, or rarely develop lumps.