How can we help our transsexual patients?

How can we help our transsexual patients?

Many things can be categorized, and I admit, it is often easier to do.
It is socially ingrained in us, it is mandatory, like the tuberculosis vaccine in your first six weeks. We do this, to please the system, to keep the order, to keep our consciousness at ease, to hold off the frightening unknown.

Getting put into a group relies on an infinite number of possible factors. If, at the moment of your birth, you possess this type of genitalia, then you are a boy, if you possess that type, then a girl. If you’re older than 18 years, then you are an adult, no other choice.

Usually, at this point, we don’t meet a wise, nice and omnipotent figure who asks: what do You think, what do You feel who You are?

Our differences in sexual organs generally defines our biological sexes. But our gender identity is determined and it can happen that it does not take into account the downstairs organ we were born with in the delivery room.

We’ve all seen manly women and feminine men.
In the age of equality this should not come as a huge surprise. Women often have to hold their ground more fiercely than any man. And men possess sensitivity that surpasses those of women. The fixed roles are fading away, the boundaries are looser, metrosexual men are in fashion and everybody can look good in a pink shirt or a checkered tie.

There are some, who from a very early age know that their given sex is not the correct one, and they have the desire (and the courage) to change it.

With today’s hormone therapies, body shape and body hair can be changed substantially.

But one of the most cardinal problems in woman-to-man transition is the contour caused by the mammaries, which can remain a frustrating, inhibitory segment in everyday life.

Of course, many “tricks” are available, such as straps that hold the breasts down, various bandages. But these offer only temporary solutions, and the uncomfortable misery never lets up.

Removal of the mammary, just like the removal of the mammary gland, does not pose a great challenge to plastic surgeons with surgical experience.

In countless cases, a disturbing, irritating condition can remain, even though the gland has been removed by expanding the incisions, that is why at our clinic, we strive to minimize the scars in every cases, following practical relevancies, and if necessary, combine the procedure with liposuction.

Thanks to these techniques, along with an exceptional aesthetic result, the patients’ psyche can be improved as well, their social integration becomes more natural and undisturbed.